2014 Studio Sketchbook


In late 2014 I wanted to work on breaking some bad writing habits and find a better studio workflow. To do this I challenged myself to create at least one piece of music a day. It didn’t matter if it was one bar or a complete song, I just had to come up with something that day. It was kind of difficult at first but I quickly found that simply accepting that writing, not perfecting, was the goal and the creation of music started to become fun again. Most importantly it became more personal, free of any restraining mindsets involving what others may think about the end result. The work here is a small sample of the output. It’s all far from perfect and only sections of the work, but I’m still very happy with each and every one of them.

There are no song names, only dates and sequence numbers. YYMMDD_# for year, month, day, and the song number for that day. That was also another trick I adopted to short circuit any prevailing thought that would lock me into handing the music one way or the other.

There we some days where I was lucky to produce one snippet, others I would generate ten or more. I think the best result of this was a studio workflow that allows me to enter the studio and start recording within about two minutes. I’ll be putting up a post soon about that topic.