bioHello there. This is the little spot on the web where I attempt to make a me shaped dent in the world. Besides a professional life meant to keep the lights on and family fed, I’m an avid musician and application developer. To date I’ve been playing guitar for around twenty-five years and writing software for at least five years longer than that. I was also an artist for many years, selling most of my paintings before I decided to return to music. I held my first soldering iron at the age of nine or ten soon followed by dismantling my B&W Sears television to add in a headphone jack so I could watch late night TV way past my bedtime. Since then I’ve taken apart and/or augmented nearly everything I have ever owned. I am completely fascinated by how things work and obsessed with combining them with other things in sometimes fantastically catastrophic ways.

I collect various vintage oddities with an eye for antique stoneware. As I venture further into technology where duplication and simulation abound, the more I seem to gravitate towards simple and unique things to keep me grounded. I frequently go “junkin'” with my wife in search of that next special find. I’ve got an iPod with a dead battery because I’m a vinyl hound and never pass up an opportunity to browse a stack. I love Sunday morning spins with my coffee.

There is a horde of music I’ve written sitting in one stage or another all around me. Some little snippets of the work can be found here or over on my musical sketchbook in SoundCloud. There’s still more to come. There are no plans for any of that at the moment. I enjoy the process of creation and am just as satisfied with the existence of something as I would be having it at some level of what somebody else might consider complete.

Thanks for comments and questions on my projects to date. I try to get around to everyone as time allows so hang tight if you haven’t heard from me. At the moment I’m working on an advanced music creation system that pulls together decades of personal music theory study which is why blog posts are currently few and far between.

– Charles

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