MIDI Pedalboard Mechanical Upgrade

This is just a quick post today… lots of things going on. Awhile back I finally got around to upgrading one mechanical aspect of my MIDI pedalboard. Originally I had used a piece of flat aluminum and a wire grommet to obtain a friction/pressure point against the back of the pedal gear rail. This was the original design…

The overall problem with this design was that it was either spot on perfect where it needed to be, or off a little and caused the pedal to drift. Under the weight of the pedal when flipped upright I would find that the gear would continue to rotate. In other words, the friction point where the wire grommet met the back of the gear rack wasn’t firmly mounted and couldn’t be adjusted. So after a few long walks through the local hardware store I came up with this little gem:

The new design is much better. What I’ve done here is mounted a 90 degree steel plate on the board then mounted the wire grommet against a screw with a lock nut. Then the screw is mounted to the steel plate with a set of lock nuts. With this design I was able to adjust the pressure of the wire grommet against the rack simply by altering the back lock nuts to reposition the screw. The pedals now stay in a fixed position when I lift my foot.

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