Global MIDI Controls and AmpliTube 3.5

So it’s been over a week since I posted about AmpliTube 3.5 and MIDI control. I had planned to post more sooner but my personal and professional to-do list just never stops. I wanted to do a little writeup on single-source multi-target control of AT3.5 (next post or so) but got a little distracted by all the other MIDI options within AT3.5 and the quick realization that I had no clue what half of this stuff was even for.

One aspect of my pedalboard are these two oddly placed switches kind of lower and between what would normally be bypass switches for the pedals.

Preset Browser Switches
Preset Browser Switches

My intention was to make these preset browsers but never tried to do so until this writeup. I have spent a lot of time in the MIDI Control Preset window where I never saw the option and obviously never really looked at the Global options. Getting to the Global options is simply a matter of clicking the MIDI button in AT3.5 then selecting the Global button in the top left corner.

Global MIDI Control Window
Global MIDI Control Window

I’m glad to see that AT3.5 has two specific pre-configured entires for preset changes. If you recall from my previous post “Quick Guide To Using External MIDI Controllers with AmpliTube 3” all I need to do is highlight the Preset Next entry, click Learn then tap the next button on my controller. Repeat for the previous button and we’re ready to change presets at the simple tap of a foot.

Other Fixed Options in Global MIDI Control
Other Fixed Options in Global MIDI Control

So next my eye is drawn to the Volume, Wah, and Wharmonator entries. Probably because I want to try and exploit them in unintended ways (it’s a personal tic). I can’t help but wonder what happens if I use two volume pedals in series? Ok sorta dumb I know, but what if I run a parallel config like signal chain 2 and have a pedal on each, what happens then? If I use two different Wahs, does it alter both? Let’s find out what’s going on here.

So after training the volume in signal chain one, anytime I drop a volume pedal, and regardless of which slot I move it to, the volume control just works. Pretty nifty. A huge time saver for a commonly used pedal. Dropping a second volume in-line defaults the control to the first volume in the series. That makes sense. Setting up a parallel config and placing a volume in stomp A and stomp B results in only the pedal in Stomp A responding to the controller. This makes a little less sense to me but I get it. Ok Wah time. I set the Wah row to learn in Global MIDI control and tap on a pedal. Good to go. Returning to the stomps I run the same tests as the volume and get the same results. I’m not terribly surprised to get the same results.

This all may sound like a bunch of overkill but I was just curious to learn the primary intent of the global ‘default’ controllers and now know it’s just for your first matching pedal in the chain (and behind the scenes AT3.5 scans Stomps A through B in slot order order making no distinctions between serial or parallel configs.) Obviously any deviations from this single pedal approach are best handled by MIDI Preset control setups as covered in the previous post but part of me wouldn’t mind a ‘cascading’ approach to control the first ‘non-bypassed’ Wah in the chain should I want to use two flavors in the same preset. Just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Global MIDI Controls and AmpliTube 3.5

  1. Hi Charles,
    how do you apply midi learn-messages to the global settings? If I’m trying to do that, nothing happens. For instance I would like to switch presets, so I choose the first line “Preset next”, then press the learn button and one of my switches on the fc-300 (control mode). Nothing.

    It works fine in preset-mode but not in global-mode.



  2. Nenad,

    That’s definitely odd. It’s working for me. At first I thought you might have a latch mode issue but in Global that particular function (prev, next) doesn’t have a latch option. At first nothing happened but I realized I wasn’t using the right MIDI input. So after I got that going I first went to preset and threw up the cabinet room mute option, clicked learn, tapped, selected latch. All was well. Knowing I was getting proper communication I deleted that row, flipped to Global, clicked the Preset next, learn, tapped button, and was ready to roll.

    I’m kind of at a loss. I hear odd things about the fc-300 and setups so it’s entirely possible it’s some incompatibility there. Try something else in global that uses Latch like the Wharmonator and see if it accepts that in Lean mode with Latch on and off. If so, then you likely have some issue with the fc-300 and global options that don’t have the latch option.

    You might also make sure you’re on at least Amplitube 3.0.1 .. that patch resolves some global assign issues.

    Other ideas would be to snag MidiOX (for PC) and visually confirm the MIDI commands coming out of the FC-300 are what you (and AT3) expect. If you’re a MAC user you might jet over to s n o i z e for Midi Monitor

    Not sure I’m much help but that’s about all I can come up with at the moment.



  3. The “Globals” don’t learn MIDI commands. You click the CC number and drag up to change it. You’ll see it scroll from 0 to 199. It’s not intuitive, but it works! try it!


    1. Thanks for the reply Beefus. Globals actually do have learn capability… that’s why there is a Learn button on the screen. If you select a row in the grid then click learn and move your controller it will pick up the corresponding CC. You can, ask you mention, also manually perform and click and scroll to set the CC value as well.


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