Pedalboard Functions

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pedalboard functionality:

Pedalboard Controls
Pedalboard Controls

Analog Functionality

  • 1/4 inch input
  • 1/4 inch TRS insert
  • 1/4 inch output
  • SPDT switch for selecting to enable the insert or not
  • SPDT switch for defeating the input
  • SPST momentary switch for temporarily stopping input until switch is released
  • Audio taper potentiometer for volume pedal

Issues – I don’t know alot about passive analog circuitry but now know there is a huge difference in the selection of the potentiometer rating for the volume control. It’s currently a 10K pot when it should be a 250K instead… which is closer to what’s actually inside a guitar to begin with. An incorrect selection here degrades the power of the signal.

Potential Fix – Just replace the pot but I also like the degraded effect and will find a way to mimic the circuit path even with the new pot in place.


MIDI Functionality

  • 2 SPST Momentary switches intended for patch changes
  • 6 SPST Momentary switches intended for bypass/defeat of the MIDI pedals
  • 6 10K linear potentiometers for the MIDI pedals
  • 1 Pitch bend/MOD wheel from a discarded Roland Keyboard controller
  • 1 SPST Momentary switch for MIDI Panic/Reset

Issues – The only issue is the pitch bend wheel. It doesn’t allow for a full throw (not a physical limitation) and as such won’t transmit the full 0-127 MIDI data range. I can only assume the wheel had accessory circuitry to translate this properly.

Potential Fix – At some point I’m going to have to pull apart the wheel assembly and see if I can replace the potentiometer to the proper spec.



  • 5 Pin MIDI In/Out
  • 7-12V / 100mA DC Input
  • SPDT switch for power enable/defeat
  • LED for MIDI activity

Issues – None

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